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Wong Yuk-Long

Tony Wong Yuk-Long is a Hong Kong based manhua artist, publisher and actor who wrote and created ''Little Rascals'' and ''Weapons of the Gods''. He also wrote adaptions of Jin Yong novels such as ''The Return of the Condor Heroes'' , ''Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils'', and ''Ode to Gallantry''.

He provided the art for '''', which was written by Doug Moench. He has also occasionally acted in movies, including the film adaptation of his own ''Oriental Heroes''.

Comic Titles

* ''Oriental Heroes''
* ''Weapons of the Gods'' or ''Magic Weapons''
* ''Mega Dragon and Tiger''
* ''The Legend of Emperors'' about the first Emperor of Tang Dynasty, Li Shimin
* ''Legendary Couples'' adaptation of Jin Yong's ''The Return of the Condor Heroes''
* ''Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils''
* ''Buddha's Palm'' loosely based of Gu Long's ''The Legendary Twins''
* ''Drunken Master'' nothing to do with Jackie Chan's ''Drunken Master''. The main character was named Wong Mogei

MA Sing-yuen

Malone 馬龍 worked as art director and chief editor of a newspaper, creative director for a magazine during the 80's and 90's Comic artist career began in 1984, mainly focused in political caricatures. Began working on a comic series for children in 2003 under the pen name MA Sing-yuen.

Li Chi-Tak

Li Chi-Tak is a Hong Kong comic artist.


* '''', a comic adapt into a movie of the same name.

Lee Chi Ching

Lee Chi Ching is a manhua illustrator that goes by the pen name "Qing'er" . He began drawing comics and graphic novels in 1981. In 1992, he won an award for his watercolors at the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial and had his work housed at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. He is the first cartoonist from Hong Kong to have his work published in Japan. His speciality is in historical manga, usually based on pre-existing classic novels, especially by the wuxia author, Jinyong. His major works include Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Water Margin.

His works are usually published by CultureCom Comics, a Hong Kong publishing house.

His work Sun Zi's Tactics won the first International Manga Award that Japanese Government sponsored in 2007.

Manga works

* - based on the classic Chinese novel
*Justice Bao
*Nameless Hero
*Strange Book
*Sun Zi's Tactics
*The Eagle God
*Ghost Legend
*Outlaws of the Marsh - based on a classic Chinese novel, also known as Water Margin
*The Legend of the Condor Heroes - based on a Jin Yong novel
*The Smiling, Proud Wanderer - based on a Jinyong novel

Khoo Fuk Lung

Khoo Fuk Lung is a famous Hong Kong comic artist.


* '''', a comics about
* ''Solar Lord''
* ''Ultraman Tiga ''

Fung Chin Pang

Fung Chin Pang is a comic artist and illustrator from Hong Kong.

His work include the series Confidential Assassination Troop, published by Tong Li Comics. He also done various illustrations for the novel series, Lie Sha Tian Chou Xiao Shuo .

Chao Yat

Chao Yat is a Hong Kong comics artist, his comics first appeared in Ming Pao in 1991.

Susequent works appeared in Sing Pao, Oriental Daily and Hong Kong Economic Times.

Since then, his published comics include Sam's Manhua Series and Leung's Saga Series.